A downloadable game for Windows

Welcome to our village!

You've come at the right time, we're just about to hold our annual festival! Too bad the light keeper is too old to light the lights... But you can help! 

Use WASD to navigate around and the mouse to rotate. Click the right mouse button to collect items and interact, and  click the left mouse button to view menus. Collect the items that villagers need in order to bring everyone together. 


The most recent build is from further development after the jam and was completed in May. There are quality of life improvements that can be added and further features but it is in a completed state for now.


  • Rohaid - Unity Programmer and Writer
  • Cameron - Unity Programmer
  • Will Leamon -  Environmental 3D Modeler and Composer


VillageQuest(DevelopToHelp).zip 51 MB
VillageQuest(Update).zip 51 MB

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