Three lesser lords want your reign as King Almighty to cease. They have conspired against you and dragged you into the dark depths of the world.

Stop them and reclaim your home!

DIRECTIONS For Keyboard: 

  • WASD Keys for Movement.
  • Left Mouse Click for Melee and Right Mouse Click for Ranged.

DIRECTIONS For Controller:

  • Left Stick for Movement.
  • South button for Melee. East button for Ranged.


  • Programmers: Rohaid Bakheet, Lichpin
  • Artists: Botphire
  • Composers: Alyssa Harrison, Matthew Kase
  • SFX: Alyssa Harrison
  • Menu UI: Fantasy Wooden GUI Free
  • MC Projectiles, Boss Explosion: Vertical 2D Shooting BE4
  • CameraShake Script: Dom Harris

Install instructions

Unzip JuiceJam and click on King Knockdown.exe.


Download 31 MB


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best game ever i wanna play it all the time and would def play a full game if one was made, awesome designs and vibe 

That's really high praise, thank you!